2012 Oscars Red Carpet: Angelina Jolie in Atelier Versace

And Angie was all like,

“Fuck bein’ all classy and demure and innocent and shit! Today I’m goin’ to be all Megan (Fox) and all with my alter ego, Angelina Jo-Leg, y’all! (ps: the same alter-ego I use when I took Brad from that McSlut-whatever-her-name-is-Rachel-Greene-or-something?)”

What so funny about this picture is, from the waist up, they look like a totally normal couple, chillin at the Oscars and stuff, no big deal, and then suddenly Angie have to ruin it all with that pose. I mean, seriously Angie, WHAT IS THE FRIGGIN’ DEAL WITH THAT POSE?

I mean, as you can see here, she don’t even have to make that kinda pose. She don’t have to work a thing as that slit on the dress is already naturally open (insert “Your Mom” jokes here).

And btw, where the hell is Lea Michelle? Wouldn’t it be amazing if they both had a leg duel or something on this red carpet?

Now THAT would be something amazing..


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