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BFF. Best Friend Forever or Best F***in’ Friend?

Listening to Whitney Houston-I Look To You

Wow… I just learned that Gwyneth Paltrow and Winona Ryder was once besties….until Gwyneth stole a script from Winona’s house and win an Oscar for the role she stole from her!! Geez… Poor Winona…although I don’t really know who’s that chick is. Maybe if she won an Oscar I would knew her better. Heck maybe she would even co-star alongside Robert Downey Jr. in the Iron Man franchise…. People would do anything for fame…. Even betraying their besties… Shame on them… Oh, and by the way that movie is called Shakespeare In Love. Can imagine Winona playing that character Gwyneth played that Winona suppose to be playing?

Besties no more!!

Well, anyway, today we all had our last class for this semester. We all had our fun (I think) doing our last presentation for this semester, the creative presentation and singing do our own cover version of To Sir With Love and sing it to Dr. Pramela. Hahahahaha. Berterabur, I would say. But at least we all had our last laugh before the examination (although I doubt that I will be all stressed out like them because the only moment I’ll be all stressed out during the examination season is after I had finished answering the paper and think, “gosh that’s hard! I wish I study more”). By the way, I wish you guys all the best luck, to all my Teslians and whoever I know in UKM. Also to all my friends who’s studying in different universities all over the country and not to be forgotten my little brother who would be taking his SPM later this year. Can’t wait for the next semester (although it sure looks like we’re going to be very, very busy) to have fun with you guys!! Oh and I can’t wait to do my year-end fashion review after that!! I’m sooooo excited!! Kyaa!! ><