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FASHION 2010: The Best 20 Dress of The 10s (part 2)

So it’s like 4 hours more before we’ll all leave dear 2010 and meet our new friend, mr. 2011. Lets not waste our time beating around the bush (like above) and start countin’ you lazy a$$hole!

It’s the Top 10! And it’s gonna be big!

NO.10: Sarah Jessica Parker in Alexander Mcqueen

I love big gowns with prints. The thing about it is it’s so hard to pulls off only certain people can wear it. The art of high fashion… This dress falls perfectly on Sarah and I just love that she’s having fun (other than looking incredibly stylish) wearing it.

NO.9: Dianna Agron in Carolina Herrera

It’s just beautiful. She looks demure and classy. The beading details upped the ante of the dress and her choices of accessory is just right. And to be honest, Dianna rarely failed on the red carpet. She should gave her stylist a raise.

NO.8: Michelle Williams at the Cannes

I love this colorfully-beaded LBD she wore to the Cannes. It’s fun and cute and not anybody can pull it off. But what I love more is this dress…

Michelle William in Suno minidress.

Stella Mccartney wedges.

Did you see how she turned the weird dress into something cute and event-appropriate? It may have this washed-out gray colors with small flower prints but she’s far from looking dowdy. And those wedges are cute! See, I’m not a big fan of wedges (especially wooden one) but I’ve got no complaint on this one. Flawless.

NO.7: Many in mustards

Not covered in mustards, just so you know..

Lea Michelle in Zac Posen

Odette Yustman in J. Mendel

Diane Kruger in Jason Wu

These three women are the walking advertisement of ‘This Is How You Work Mustards’. I just love bold colors. These women nailed their dress in their own way. Lea looking elegant in strapless gown, Odette looking age-appropriate in her off-shoulders and Diane is every inches the elegant and classy woman (as she always does) in her one-shouldered.

NO.6: Blake Lively in Marchesa

We’ve gone trough this so I’m going to make it brief. It’s fun, the beaded ethnic prints is something different and beautiful and it’s Blake. Nuff said.

NO.5: January Jones in Atelier Versace

Screw people who say this look is a fail. Screw you who says she should have gone with a more complicated hair (see the model). Screw you guys who says she should wear a more complicated looking killa heels (again, the model). I think she looks perfect. She took risk and she score and I’m just a loser for big, shiny dresses that I’ll just ignore you guys!

NO.4: The sparkles that is the Emmys

Claire Danes in Giorgio Armani

It’s simple but it’s perfect. It’s simply perfect.

Heather Morris in Ina Soltani

Gorgeous. I don’t know anyone else who can carry a top-to-toe gold sequin dress. I love her hair and makeups. They look lively.

Maria Menunous in Ralph&Russo

Don’t fancy the hair but I just love how the sparkles detailing is located at the hem and top of the dress. It’s like, giving us a break from all that sequins.

Connie Britton in Burberry

Dreamy. She looks like a midnight sky filled with shining star.

Jennifer Carpenter in Oday Shakar

Simply elegant, fabulous, flawless look.

NO.3: Lady Gaga in Armani Prive

Do I need to explain why?

NO.2: Eva Mendes in Prada

This is how you take risk people. Wisely and fab-ly. She looks absolutely gorgeous. The prints are funky and fun and I love how she can still manage to look all demure and sweet wearing that complicated-print dress. Good job, Eva. Good job.

And now……. *drum rolling*

NO.1: Cate Blanchett in weird dresses that seems to works like magic on her.

In Alexander Mcqueen at Cannes

Flawless. The hair, the makeups, the soaring-eagle prints, the white lace detailing.. If I were Mcqueen, I’d be (other than dead) proud to have such stylish friends paying tribute to me (SJP, Cate, Anna Paquin).

Cate Blanchett in Christian Lacroix

Did you guys see how beautiful the dress is worn on Cate? It is just so… different from any other dress. And the best part is, like the eccentric-ness of the dress is not enough, Cate wore the dress backwards! Now that’s what I call a true fashionista. Someone who took risk and totally nailed it.

That’s it guys. See you in next year. Have a fabulous year ahead!! Y’all!!! xoxo



FASHION 2010: The Best 20 Dress of The 10s (part 1)

And you thought I’m done with all these Fashion 2010 shit…

Nope, kittens. Got one more to go. Come on now. Lets all count backward togetha!!

NO.20: Alicia Keys in Dolce&Gabbana

The perfect way to hide your baby bump in style. I love how it doesn’t look too bulky on her and to make it easier for you guys, I just love the f**kin dress. So what?

NO.19: Many in Victoria Beckham

Sounds a little weird when you named a fashion lines after yourself, right?

Blake Lively in Victoria Beckham

Jennifer Hudson in Victoria Beckham.

Nicole Scerzinger in Victoria Beckham

Victoria Beckham in Victoria Beckham.... and weird hardo.

I’m not the only one who’s liking this simple chic dress. Look at all the big names who agree with me! Ironically, Vicky obviously didn’t nailed her own designs here.

NO.18: Heidi Klum in Roberto Cavalli

Perfect hair, perfect fit, perfect makeups and it’s good to see mama Heidi finally getting it right.

NO.17: Kerry Washington in Marchesa

Graphic prints have never look this romantics and I love how the dress looks dreamy on Kerry. And I just love the purple fading on the hem. Definitely hitting the high notes with this one.

NO.16: Emma Stone in Pucci

Perfect. She should have ‘This Is How You Wear Leather, Bitch’ bedazzled at the back of the dress.

NO.15: Gwyneth Paltrow in Michael Kors

Perfect hair, perfect bod, perfect fit, perfect… Aww come on, guys. Do I even have to explain this?

NO.14: Jennifer Lopez in Zuhair Murad

I may not fancy the makeups but that dress is just gorgeous and it fits her like it’s made for her. Just the right amount of drama and overall: perfect.

NO.13: Kate Hudson in White

In Emlio Pucci at the SAGs

In Marchesa at the Golden Globes

In Versace at the 'Nine' premiere

Whoever said all-white is boring? You guys have to eat out your words fella cause Kate had just prove you wrong.

NO.12: Rachel Mcadams in Elie Saab

It’s a big dress with floral prints but it manages to not look dowdy. It fits her like dreams and the chiffon is flowing like waterfalls. So, what not to like?

NO.11: Kristin Davis in Pierre Balmain

I can’t get any more picture of Kristin wearing this dress but what I know is I just love this dress being sleek and glamorous at the same time. See how the simple white below-part of the dress complement the embellished gold top? It works like magic.

…to be continued…

Best Dressed of 2010-The Worth Mentioning (part 2)


For not just bringing Bollywood names to Hollywood, but Bollywood style too. All that colors and glitter, people!


For dressing up more decent than most of her teenage-celebrity friends (read: Miley) and looking every inches age-appropriate.


For looking ridiculously cute and stylish in something that are not that close to, well, cute and stylish. It has got to be that pixie cut. Carey Mulligan should take notes.


All hails 40-and-above bitches! Now menopause didn’t look so bad anymore right. *This is when Aunt Biceps, Madonna, came in* Oh, I forgot about you… But still, enjoy the pretty decent view while I try to get Madgie’s biceps outa my mind……


For looking pretty and cute most of the time on the red carpet. Her style is quite eccentric too. Check it out.

Yup, that’s all.

Best Dressed of 2010-The Worth Mentioning (part 1)


For looking foxy (not ‘Megan Fox’ foxy but, just foxy) and having a decent fashion sense but minus point for dating that virgin womanizer, Joe Jonas.


For not dressing up like Julia Roberts. Oh, and she’s pretty stylish too.


Do I need to explain (although it look as if the only thing I should explain is why I’m putting J.Lo under “worth mentioning”)?


All hail the disco diva who have penchant for a pyramid made out of group sex. Nah, just kidding. This one is for giving J.Lo a run for her dress. All hail 40-and-above bitches!


For showing us that squashed fruit can look good too. Show’em those killa legs, gal!

To be continued…….


Best Dressed of 2010-Blake Lively

Yup people. Bow down to the hot, young, skinny IT girl of Hollywood. Ok, maybe it’s still too soon to bow but whatever. I actually don’t really know if I wanna put SJP bitch on my top spot or Blake. I choose Blake because she is young. Ok maybe it’s a little unfair but get this. When you’re young, you made a lot of mistakes; you try a trend, you fail, you look trashy (read: Miley) and I know there’s other young starlets like Taylor Swift and Selena Gomez but Blake is different. She always try something new and different but yet still can come out looking like a fashion goddess. It’s not always sequins and glam, or cute and pink for her. Blake always pushes her boundaries when it comes to fashion which I like the most about her. I’d like to see her don a big dramatic dress but really, that’s not her thing. She’s done it before and it just doesn’t work so she stick to what she did best: boobs and legs. Sexy but still manage to look classy and not slutty (read:Miley). But don’t worry though. It’s almost draw between this Serena van der Woodsen and Carrie Bardshaw. But because Blake is one skinny, hot and young little bitch who manage to dressed up sexily yet still manage to not look like a tramp, she owns this spot.

Blah blah blah, lets do the real thing here. First thing first, let see my favorite.

This beaded yellow Marchesa frock.

I don’t know.. I just love the shit out of this dress. She obviously wears it better than the model, thanks to her fuller figure. When I first look at this dress, I immediately falls in love with it but when I think again maybe it’ll look better if she wears it with, you know, weird stuff too like a funky heels or that weird thingy on that models hand but nah. She’s no Gaga. She’s Blake. Who still manage to look young and fun and fresh and gorgeous in such a heavily embellished dress, with ethnic prints, no less! So screw yourself. I’m loving it.

I also love this Victoria Beckham all-black chic sheath.

Me and Blake is not the only two persons in this world who love this dress (You: Like, duh!) No, no. I mean there’s a lot of other bunch of celebs caught with this dress like Jennifer Hudson, Nicole Scherzinger and Vicky herself but I love it the most on Blake. Maybe I’m not too keen on the copycatting-the-model thing (the hair, anyone?) but man that girl knows how to work it so I’m gonna say it again, Blake bitch wears it best (with Jen Hudson coming close on second).

If it weren't for that bangs, tights and that 'too-much' cleavage....


Lookin' edgy in studded (or bedazzled?) top and leather miniskirt both by Matthew Williamson.

The fur is a little of but once again she manage to look polished and edgy in the combination of this two ensemble.

I’ve mention how Imma sucker for big glamorous gown right. Well she wore one. She wore it at the set of Gossip Girl, so what? She still rock it.

Oh-la-la looking gorgeous in Zuhair Murad.

Ethereal, gorgeous and simply breathtaking.

Rocking in black sequins Elie Saab minidress with sexy cutouts at the back.

I don’t really like the messed-up hair but I love the dress and heels. They’re funky.

I also love this turquoise Marchesa dress with floral appliques she wore to the MET Gala.

I love how, in the sea of big and dramatic, heavily embellished dresses, Blake stays true to what she are-all legs and boobs. It’s simple yet the colour is striking (on a red carpet) and still has a touch of that ‘MET’ drama with all those flowers that look like an ocean swirling on her hot bod. But what with her choosing the same heels as the models?

Looking absolutely fabolous (and awkwardly posed) in this sexy peekaboo Antonio Berardi dress.

I totally approved this dress. It’s sexy and sultry yet still look kinda elegant. But what with that awkward pose Blake? You know when you’re working a dress like this you should go all, “Hey I’m having fun wearing this dress that exposed one of my boobs'” rather than just standing there putting your hands at the wrong place, shouting “Don’t look at my exposed boobs. Look at my covered va-jayjay,”. But overall, she looks great :p

Looking sexy in Balmain sexy plunging ombre green minidress.

I just love the strong shoulder and draping plunging neckline combo. I’m just crazy about it. About the whole look? Again, it’s fresh and fun. The heels, the jade accessories. The hair is kinda cute and she’s lookin’ smokin’ hot!

I heart that Hoss Intropia tank dress with big flower print on it! ><

I just heart that top, thank you. Next!

Looking sultry in Chanel Haute Couture.

To be honest, I kinda love it with that sleeves and I’m not too keen on that too matching heels but who can deny Blake looks totally hot in this getups? I love the sultriness of this looks, the hair and makeups are well done and man, once again, that bitch looks hot. And stop touching yourself!

I’m totally crazy for that sequin blazer! I love that she applied the golden rules of wearing peep toe booties and she looks polished. But not too keen on that heels. I mean, it funky but it’s just not glam enough to be paired with that blazer. It’s kinda loaf-ish.

Looking sweet and breezy in Chanel.

Looking sexy in this cleavage bearing Marchesa number. That bow is a little overwhelming though.

Looking sexy in lace D&G frocks. That heels are a little off though. I prefer something a little bit more sultry.

Going shopping had never look this gorgeous! Love the dress but what I heart the most is that booties and shades.

That hair and makeups look a little scary but it's good to see Blake went all sweet and dolled-up in this all-white ensemble and cute headpiece.

I don't approve that belt but the whole look is just sexy and I love how her heels echoes her whole monochromatic looks.

Blake went back to basic in cute tank top and eggplant miniskirt paired with a shiny platforms.

Cozing up in style with a chic fur coat and cute accessories:the puppy!

Well folks, in the nutshell (I can’t believe I just say ‘in the nutshell’) I approved all Blake’s looks. Well she may kinda messed up a little bit here and there but with that pretty face, hot bods, killa legs and cleavage, how can you do any wrongs? We’ll see if Blake will still be on the top spot next year will ya. Till next year! xoxo

Best Dressed of 2010-Sarah Jessica Parker

Like, duh. Even the not-yet-awakened second personality of mine are rolling his eyes and saying that out loud (seriously second me. That’s so gay). But nevertheless, Sarah is the ultimate Queen of Fashion if you ask me. This gal can wear almost anything. Heck she can wear a giant garbage bag and still going out and walking around like she’s a f**king trendsetter. I can’t really define Sarah’s style. But at the same time I can’t really say she is that versatile either. Maybe because I’m still new with this stuff and my fashion vocab is still not that good yet. But if I can say one thing about Sarah’s style that I like the most? Mix-and-match. She’s like the master of it. You can give her an elegant LBD and she can pairs it with a pile of necklace, a polka dots tights and a funky heels and yet still manage to not look ridiculous.

Let see my favorite Sarah’s mix-and-match for the year shall we?

Looking military chic at the Burberry Prosum shows at Milan Fashion Weeks.

Burberry Prosum jackets.

Alexander Mcqueen tote.

What I love about this looks so much is how she’s able to carry this leather military jackets with dress that have frills on it. Sarah combine the element of sweetness; the frilly dress and that cute pink tote with some element of toughness that is the jacket but added a funky twist with that heels and still coming out looking gorgeous. Except for the tote, I think it’s because Sarah kept her whole looks simple by using only one colour but with different tones. See? This bitch knows what she’s doing y’all!

My other fav comes from the outfit that she wears to some sorta screening or something like that.

Oversized coat used to be fugly....

Now I know how to not make you look as if you forget to wear your pants. Be as subtle as possible (no sky-high, over the tops heels) and don’t button your coats so you can say, “Chill. I’m wearing a minis underneath,”. What I love about this look is how she manage to make the oversized coat look chic yet maintaining her sweetness with that side-swept hair give some hippie surprise with that bejewelled sandals.

Let see others Sarah’s street-hits before we go to the big gowns *excited*.

The clash of sexualism! Sarah gives her pretty pink Stella Mccartney a masculine twist with a white boy blazer.

That Elie Saab cardigan is by far the most stylish cardigan I've ever seen in my entire life!

Sarah pairs this sparkling Elie Saab number with an equally stylish red coat but I'm not too keen on the handbag and heels though.

Once again she pairs a feminime zebra striped frocks with this white blazer. Trust me Sarah I hate to say this but I really really hate those heels.

Pairing a midnight blue cocktail dress with blazers and satin blue heels.

Now the big dresses. Yeay!

I especially love this Alexander Mcqueen creation she wore to the CFDA Fashion Awards.

Dramatic! Gorgeous!

Having so much fun playing dressups, isn't she?

It’s almost three and I’m kinda tired right so let me just say, I JUST F**KIN LOVE THIS DRESS! Nuff said.

Another Alexander Mcqueen creation she wore to one of the screening of Sex and The City 2.

Yeah, like Lady Gaga is not enough, Sarah also gives Mad Hatter a run for his.... hat?

See? Trashbag! Whatever it is, I just love the whole extraordinary-ness of this look. The overwhelming bubble hem, the headdress. That heels seems a little out-of-place though. Come on Sarah. I wanna see weird heels too!

I also love this yellow Valentino dress.

If I don't know her better, I'll think she was high.

"After this event, I'll donate this mile-long extra pieces to Miley. Seriously, that girl need to cover up,"

At last Sarah looks a little…normal? The dress is quite ordinary but at least the color is striking. But what I love most is the fun she channels trough the dress. She was all like, “F**k the bitches who poses like they’re holding their bladder on the red carpet. This is how you do big dresses, hos. Up, up and away!”

Oh, yeah. One more.

Rocking in Vivienne Eastwood floral dress with gold accessories. I heard that belt is a couture too. Whatever.

Thank God she didn’t wear socks like the model demonstrate it cause it is meant to be wore just like how Sarah wears it. Ok that bun is a little severe but what I love the most about this dress is how the hem part blooms like a flower itself, complementing the floral prints on it.

Oh… One more, please….

In Halston Heritage nude sparkling dress.

Awwww…. She’s really enjoying her big dress ain’t she? Well who am I to bitched-out about the dress size and that seriously distractingly long necklace when she’s having so much fun wearing it? Oh, that handbag got to go too Sarah but just so you know, you still look f**kin fabolous. *bow down*

Let see other Sarah’s glam hits shall we? I’m gettin sleepy here.

Looking sultry in fuschia strapless dress paired off with a fishnet and purple pumps.

Sarah works this calf-length block-colored dress with sequin blazers like a champ. *bowing down*

Looking youthful in this yellow embellished dress. Maybe it's the sleeves.

Other people can look like they're wrapped in an alumunium foil if they're wearing that but SJP.... *bowing down*

Well that’s all folks from SJP this year. Wait for my last post for best dressed of 2010. Who will it be? Clue: young and skinny. Till next time!

Best Dressed of 2010-Eva Longoria

Now we’re talkin’.

Firstly, I’m sorry to know that Eva and Tony are getting a divorce. Ok that news is kinda old but they’re still getting a divorce, so whatever. So because I felt sorry for her I’ll be nice on her this year…. Nah, just kidding. Eva surely don’t need any mercy when it comes to her fashion sense. Once a skinny fashion horse, Eva, too, had her moments of dark ages when she went all fat for her roles in Desperate Housewives and that is when her style seems dowdy and plain eek. But let not talk about the past here cause, in terms of fashion, this year is totally a comeback year for Eva. Eva’s style can be defined by dramatic and elegant. When she went to a grand award, like the Emmys or the Cannes Film Festival, she will go all out with big pretty frocks with dramatic trains or full embellishment. But when she toned down she keep her look polish yet still looking sexy and elegant.

Now let see my fav for this year:

~the big dresses

The one I heart the most is this Marchesa dress she wore to this year's MET Gala.

What I really love about this dress is how it combine the effect of glam and drama but at the same time manage to not to look overdone. I love everything about this look. The hair and makeup and that waves just shout glam and the dramatic train just look, well, dramatic. Overall, this whole look is just breathtaking.

I also love this nuda and lace dress she wore to the Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute's 33rd Annual Awards Gala.

I don’t know who’s the designer of this dress (yet) but what I know is she look gorgeous in this getups. The overall looks; her makeups, hair and that mermaid dress just spells glam with a capital ‘G’. I love it!

I also heart this black Gustavo Cadile dress.

Eva once again prove that glam is, indeed, her middle name. She looks effortlessly elegant and glam and once again, her whole look is perfect!

Eva's looking regal in orange Reem Arca dress at the White House State Dinner.

Looking totally glamorous but still appropriate for the event. There’s something a little Bollywood about this dress but who cares? It’s Eva bitch and she’s going to get The First Lady herself going back into the dressing room to change.

Eva also shines at this year Cannes Film Festival..

In white Emilio Pucci with dramatic ruffles train.

Sparkles like a true star in this embroidered Naeem Khan dress.

Eva makes a statement in both of the dresses. In Emilio Pucci, she looks simply sweet and stunning but put a twist in it with a dramatically long train. The makeup, hair and accessories is an absolute no-fuss. In Naeem Khan she looks glamorous and elegant in curve-hugging sparkling dress.

~The lady in red

Looking sexy and glam in red, one-shouldered silk dress at the Noble Gift Gala in London.

The makeup looks a little severe but I just love this dress. It look sultry but the jewel detailing at the back add a touch of elegant and glamorous to it.

Eva shows off her killer bod in this red one-shouldered minidress while unveiling her wax figure.

Double threat. Both in red!

Eva toned down in this figure-flattering fuss-free one shouldered red dress.

Looking simple and sexy in this strapless red minidress. Heart those heels!

~Glam in minis

Looking gorgeous in this silver, jewel encrusted dress...

..with a sexy surprise at the back!

Looking chic and polished in this all black ensemble.

Eva knows exactly the golden rules of wearing a horizontal-striped dress:go simple and show some skin.

Eva looks youthful and fresh in this gray and white ensemble.

The hair and makeups looks a little aging but at least that pink frock is pretty.

Looking sweet in this silver dress and side-swept hair.