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GE1155-Gold Luck!!! Kyaa!! ><

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So tomorrow is the ‘hari penentuan’ for us who are taking Computer In Education subject..

Good luck for our paper tomorrow!!! Kyaa!! ><

I want to apologize to Miss Aidah and Dr Rosseni if throughout this semester we terkasar bahase ke, tak buat kerje or ponteng kelas..

I also want to thank them and my course mate for helping me (like, a lot) with this computer stuff as I am actually a shallow person when it comes to technology before.. To me technology was just only for fun and not educational..

Anyway, good luck for tomorrow guys!! Woo-hoo!!

Woo-hoo!!! Computer!!!





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Sorry for late posting this. Well the task for this week is a group work. Yeah, and my bad for saying that Microsoft Access was our last assignment. Shame on me for being unalert during the class ;p

So for this week we were to do this SPSS work as a group. It is quite hard because only certain computer in the computer lab and certain laptop has this software. So my team consists of five person that is Kila, Shuhada, Farhana, Zura and me. We have to key in the information and do graphs based on the survey we did before. I’m glad Dr. Rosseni introduced us to SPSS as it is the easy way to tabulate the results we got from a survey or any questionairre. So this is our last assignment and this is my last post for this category. Wish me luck for CIE exam on this 30th Oct!!! Kyaa!! ><

GE1155-Microsoft Access (The Sequel:Query and Report)

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So this week we proceed with Miss Aidah with our quest trough the meadow of Microsoft Access. In today class it’s more about trying to finish the assignment given to us last week that is doing the query and report based on the work on Microsoft Access that we did last two weeks. It is was so hard to catch up with the step at first but after a few trial and error I finally find it quite easy to be done (although maybe it is not that easy to remember all the steps to answer the final exam question). Anyway this is our final assignment (I guess?) but we still have to pass up all the works and we still have the final meeting on Monday Oct. 18th on 4pm so till then, bye.


GE1155-Microsoft Access

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So today the lecture is conducted by Miss Aidah. We all learn about how to use and make the database with (drumroll)….. Microsoft Access!! (applause). Errr…

Miss Aidah told us why we need to know how to use the database system. As a (future) teacher, we need to use it to keep our student’s information such as personal and self information. The process of doing it-the construction of the table, relationship and stuff-is very hard loorrhh… But we manage to finish it before the class ended with help from Miss Aidah. That’s all for now. Till next time. Xoxo.

GE1155-Slide Show


This is my work for the task you gave for week 7 & 8. I am sorry because I hand in it late. I don’t know we have to hand it in through our blogs. I, too, don’t know how to share link in the blog… Shame on me -___-

GE1155-Week 8

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So for week 8 the classes was conducted by the lovely Dr Rosseni. For this week we do nothing that can cause us too much headache (well, at least for the others). Dr Rosseni thought us on how to manage our blog and how it is important for us because we will be going to be given marks according to this. If you ask me, I still prefer my blogspot. The process is less complicated than wordpress. But to be honest if you look at my blogspot it is not that canggih. Maybe that is why I only got 8 followers.. -____-

But we all have fun at this week’s class. After raya they said we are going to do Microsoft Excess with Miss Aidah. Can’t ‘wait’ for that… Till next time! xoxo

GE1155-Microsoft Excel

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So for this week we learned about Microsoft Excel with Miss Aidah. I am also quite familiar with this application as I always help my mother keying in the marks of her students. Jeez I miss the day when teacher needs nothing more than a log book and a pen to key in marks for their students…..which is the time when I haven’t been born yet. Why did I say that? Because the process is seriously complicated and headache-ing.. huhuhu… We struggle quite a lot trying to finish all those stuff in that three hours-and the fact that we have Introduction To Language and Linguistics quiz an hour later didn’t help much either. So Miss Aidah tought us many things about this application like how to use the formula and how to do the graph… Kudos to her for her patience in teaching us especially when we are facing lotsa trouble doing all those stuff we will be doing when we become a teacher one day….. Jeez I still prefer log book.

But the ‘gasp’ moment is when she told us we have to mesmerize all the steps in doing it because we will be asked about it in our exam. Everyone now, “GASP!!!”

Till next class. xoxo