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I Got A Date On Spring

i put the blossoming flower in my hand
which suppose to be yours to hold.
i wait and wait.
it might be spring now
but it’ll always winter in my heart.
as i search for the light of hope
i let the flower wilt in my hand
i let the snow melt in my anger.
where are you!?
where are you when i need you here!?
i search for you in this endless blossoming hope of spring
but the only thing i could find is the endless tear of winter.
have you forgotten me?
i lay down on the cloud of spring.
the sun kiss my cheek
which suppose to be yours to touch.
the wind blows in my ears
which suppose to be yours to whispers.
the cloud dance in my eyes
which suppose to be yours to stare.
i lay down and think
you really have forgotten about me right?
i get up.
i continue searching
for the neverending hope
that you will
by any chances
remember our date here.
the promise.
our promise.
i’ll wait for you
day and night
let me gave up on waking up
if it is the only way my dream would come true.
but don’t let me gave up on you,
our date on this spring
the fairy tale with no ending
happily ever after..



Some sh*t I wrote on the bus

Listening to Sarah Brightman-This Love

So I met someone-la kan at the bus station the other day on my way back to ma home sweet home, Batu Pahat. I think that person’s hot so I decided to write a poem. What’s that Taylor Swift? You feel threatened already? Nah… Don’t worry. It’s just a poem. It goes like this *ahem2*:

On the window of the bus was a pretty view

but sitting beside it just, I only saw you.

Moving vehicle, colorful light flares

but the only thing I wait for is your stares.

The engine, the horn, all other noise

but the only thing I hear is your voice.

O’ why o’ why didn’t you look at me, give me that sweet smile.

Blushing these blush away I’d be, though only it is for a while.

So me, being a loser just let go of that person-lah. I don’t even asked for that person’s name. Hahahaha. Sheeesssshhh.. Whatever.

And the other day on my other trip back to BP, it was raining so I decided to write another poem. What Shakespeare? Don’t worry. It’s just some lame crappy poem. Nothing compared to your ‘Imma-famous-poet-because-nobody-understand-the-language-I’m-using-and-because-I’m-a-closeted-gay-just-like-that-Emily-Dickinson-chick’ poems.. Yeah… Closeted gay, unlike open gay, are more talented and creative. Remember Ellen Degeneres? That chick only dance stupidly and lalukan the table in between her kelengkang and people are already worshiping her like she’s some kinda lesbian Greek goddess..

Hey, where was I? Oh, the poem. *ahem2*


The rain in my heart

it sparkles it’s fragile.

When we’re apart

our hearts won’t bother miles.

Stop and stare this empty soul

away I walk with strength with pride.

In my world you leave a hole.

This feeling I can’t put aside.


Oh please stop raining.

It makes me feel lonely.

Like the roof my eyes are rumbling

tears can’t stop me missing you dearly.

Let loose, sometime I just want to be.

My heart, wherever you want to take me.

Keep on swimming in denial sea,

and now I’m tired, as tired one can be.

Well, this poem is basically about missing someone who’s not there or simply someone whom we can’t miss. Everyday we walk our head tall like we have no problems, acting strong, faking a smile and stuff, but there were times when we feel our life’s so f**ked up, we want to do the wrong thing, hoping that everything will be right again, amyrite? *sigh* Life. It’s just a big fat case of irony……

A Blast Of A Day (almost literally)

Listening to She & Him-Black Hole

Geez wat a hot day!! It is so hot I feel like i can do a Lizzie Borden all over again. But seriously, I think this heat has really gotten into everyone head today. The heat has already got my head good I will probably babble, like, a lot in this post. Ahahahahahahahahaha… (see?)

So I, like, guess some of the celebrity quote if they were in Malaysia and experience the same heat….

Kim Kardashian: Today is so hot I have to walk around naked so I won’t be getting any tan lines… Not that anyone cares though. They can see me naked when they walk pass the news stands. LOL!! (she probably tweeted this, too)

Paris Hilton: That’s hot.. (she also said this when people asked her about the global warming issue)

Kristen Stewart: I’m cold…. (with an icy cold face expression)

Hot? Really? Then why the only thing I feel is a cold sensation in my soul?

Barrack Obama: It’ll be okay, folks! (with entourage all around him holding fans and portable air-conditioner)

Mel Gibson: %$#%^%%#$@^%^$%$##$%@^**)**(^%%#$#$%$^&!!!!!

WHY. IS. IT. SO. HOOOTTT!!!!!!!!!!! ROARRR!!!

Miley Cyrus: Just another hot day, just another reason to put on my trashy outfit that make me look like an under-aged prostitute. Oh, that and sexy. (she also said this during winter too)


Ok. Enough with the quote and stuff. I should really get back to work and hey…. It’s raining already.. huhuhu. Till next time!


Let Just Be Friend

You talk about him a lot in front of me
And I’ll just listen cause he’s all that you see
I look at your beautiful eyes and hoping that you’re mine
While you get yourself carried away by his cloud nine

You turn to me when he break your heart
I pull you back together when you’re falling apart
I pick up the broken pieces and with love I mend
The broken heart of the person who only thought me as friend

Why can’t you see the tears in my heart?
The scream of love I was trying to hide
Or the look in my eyes when I ‘m trying to show
How without you I’m so down and low

I want to write a beautiful song just for you
And sing it to the whole world just so they know this feeling is true
But I’m afraid I’ll go north and I’ll go south
When the words “Let just be friend.” come from your mouth

I want to keep you right here by my side
Although it’s other’s hand that keep you warm at night
When I look from the distance you’re happy and laughing
I’ll smile with joy although my heart is crying

There will be one day when I’ve had enough
When this feeling in my heart, I ‘m enable to bluff
The path of life is still long, it won’t always be straight
But the thought of you’ll still linger in the corner of my head

Left For Fate Sake

I remember when you say don’t be sad
and I reply to you don’t be mad
cause I just can’t do that
When you leave you bring my heart along
and I started to listen to sad songs
Every future I imagine seems wrong
cause you’re not in it

Death tear us apart like a sheet of paper
My tears flow like a heavy rain
in the middle of December
This heart so sorrow I can go insane
cause the only thing I’ll remember
is the good times we had together

Maybe happiness had left me far behind
If only you know how much I love you
Would fate dare to separate us?
If only you know how much pain I endure
Would time try to fight it own flows?
I doubt that…

For how long?
I’ll accompany my night with tears?
I’ll accompany my day with gloom?
I want to walk straight again
I don’t want to hunch in sadness anymore
but how can I do it
when you’re hand don’t hold mine?
walking this uncertain path of life together

I’ll keep this sorrow a secret
Till we meet again
I’ll continue faking flawlessly
becoming a very good actor on my own stage of life
Stage that God created for the both of us
before you left